Jeff,                                                                                                                                                   10/29/2010

I wanted to send you a letter complimenting your company, staff and crew.  I know that letters of appreciation are less frequent than complaint letters.  Also true is the stigma of shoddy contractors in comparison to exceptional contractors.  Your company has taken exceptional contractors to a new level of professionalism.  You should be proud of the high quality image you and your personal exhibit.

Let me take a few minutes to describe the many areas in which your company excels.  First, following your site visit the bid you offered was prompt, clearly itemized, easy to read and competitive.  Several competitors offered verbal estimates over the phone and expressed that my foundation and slap work did not warrant a site visit.  Secondly, you provided a scheduled start date that you upheld even in inclement weather.  In addition, your field crew was extremely polite and courteous. They offered insight as to how to improve my original design that would add greater usability.  These changes were performed without the complications and delays normally associated with change orders.  In addition, the changes they suggested were not added to your original bid. Thirdly, the job site was kept clean throughout the time the crew was on-site.  Lastly, the field crew was consistently on time and work diligently while on-site. 

Do you remember my wife’s requested a change from our original contract?  Her request was the additional width of the gravel driveway.  You and your crew arranged for the additional work to occur the next day, which afforded me no delays for my project.  Very few contractors are able or willing to manage this task.  I was shocked to see the change order contract within minutes of my request.  I was wondering if you have a lap top computer with wireless service in your back pocket?  Thank you for not trying to take advantage of my change order request by gouging me on the cost of labor and materials!

I hope you remember my phone call to you questioning my bill that I thought was too high.  I could see how one typo error would cause the price to change.  You quickly informed the office to correct the error and send a new invoice.  Upon reviewing the corrected invoice I noticed the total to be what I believed to be too low.  I vividly recall how surprised you were that I called you questioning an invoice I thought was low, and why did not try to cheat you out of money I thought you deserved. 

After the outstanding experience I had with your company I could not in good conscious ignore a possible oversight on your part that would benefit me.  I too was surprised to hear you say that in fact the bill was correct at the lower than expected cost of the change order.  You explained clearly why the material costs were lower than I thought you quoted me. 

My letter to you may seem long-winded, so be it.  Great service deserves great praise.  Great service cannot be summed up in just a few sentences and do justice for the level of quality you afforded me.  I would again like to say thank you.   Please use me as referral for future jobs. 


Happy customer, Craig

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